Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Catcher

Baseball season...two words that send shivers down my spine. Theo usually has to drag me kicking and screaming to these games. Not because I don't LOVE watching my son in action, but because I have 4 little whiny banshees that wait until we get to the field to start their orchestra of commands, "I'm hungry!" "I have to go to the bathroom!" (times 3 because they all have to go at separate times)"I have dirt in my eyes!" (from digging in the various dirt pits around the park and they are now covered in the dusty stuff) "I'm thirsty!", "I want cotton candy, gum, cheese fries...Etc." and so forth.

But I endure it just so I can see Tobie play. This kid is a force to be reckoned with! It makes a Mama proud to see her boy throw that mask off to catch a ball and chase down the other player trying to make his way to home plate! And you should see how intimidating he looks when he catches the ball to hold off a play! I think he takes after me in the "Don't you even dare!" face that I'm constantly giving him. Ha!

He's done pitching and covered third, and he's at the top of the line up in batting. But when I see him put on that catchers gear I know it's going to be a good inning.

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