Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Last night the local Baseball team had a special night for my kids' school. As a treat for those who reached their AR goal (Accelerated Reading program) they could come out to the field and be in a 'parade' that walks around the field. It really was a little thing, they just walked along the dug outs and it was over within 3 minutes. But my kids do so well with reading, that I thought this would be just an added bonus for them, that is until they couldn't keep their hands off one another in the line waiting to go out. All 3 of my older ones kept pushing into one another, and "accidentally" hitting the other one. All the other kids were lined up nicely patiently waiting to go, and then there was my kids looking like they were in the middle of a mosh pit!

The picture was taken after the parade, and the look on Emma's face (the one on the end) pretty much sums up the attitude that night. This is before the game even started, and we had already had 5 meltdowns, at least one was from me, a goose egg on Charlotte's head and an overflowing soda bottle because Miriam was shaking it.

We had to pass the jumpy houses to get to the start of the parade line, so when we got our food and sat down, immediately the kids started begging to go back there. Theo and I had plans to watch at least HALF of the game, but before the 3rd inning started the kids had won out and we went down to the jumpy houses. Once we got down there, they went straight for the water slide and did that the rest of the time. I tried to get Hannah to go, but I think she chickened out so I followed her around to the jumpy houses and the dry slide. She thought she might want to try again, but after standing in line her nerves got the best of her and she started to run out of line. I tried to coax her back in line, because I know her and she is going to regret not going down later. But as I was giving her a pep talk this chubby boy went down the slide and did a massive splash that covered me head to toe! Hannah never did go down, and sure enough when it was time to go she sobbed all the way home because she didn't get to go down the slide, just like I knew she would. And then the older kids who stayed on the water slide cried because they didn't get to do the jumpy houses, or the dry slide. I just can't seem to win...

Theo and I were done by the time we got them all in the car. For some reason my window was down and as we were driving off you could hear all the kids screaming in the back, this one man who was walking by just looked at me and started shaking his head. It didn't look like a shake of disapproval, but a shake of sympathy. At least I hope that's what it was, please don't tell me that it's just my kids that act this way. Maybe we will try to take them out about 10 years!

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