Monday, May 28, 2012

My Super Hero Cake

I could literally cry right now. After making this maasterpiece I snapped at least 5 pictures all at different angles. I felt confident that my camera had saved the pictures, but when I looked on my phone today so I could show a friend my accomplishment, the pictures were not there. This picture was taken by my friend that the cake was for. At least you can get a good look at the front.

She wanted WonderWoman represented on the cake since it was for her daughter as well as her son. I decided to make the top tier WonderWoman so I could keep the blue background for the SuperMan symbol.

The bottom tier I decided to do a half and half on the fondant so I could fit in the other super heroes, Batman and Spiderman. This obviously is the Spiderman side, then on the other side is the Batman symbol. I found some really cool Sugar Sheets in black, and Theo was sweet enough to print out a logo to the exact size I needed. Then I used that as a template to cut out the sugar sheet with an exacto knife.

On the sides of the cake I made the buildings out of white fondant and glued them on with icing to hide the side seam of the two color coming together.

The cake was white cake with Chocolate buttercream in the middle. There are actually 3 layers of icing in each tier with 4 layers of cake to give it that height.

I asked my friend if she happened to take other photos at different angles, but if she didn't I guess I will just have to make another one and I will be sure to use my good camera!

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