Monday, August 27, 2012


Growing up in a house with 7 kids it's hard to have nice things.  Stuff gets broken, marked on and worn out a lot sooner than most.  During this time my mom developed a saying that I have heard often, "I just can't have anything nice!". 

I can't speak for my siblings, but I'm sure they would agree that we didn't do those things on purpose they would just happen.  Careless mistakes that were made that probably made life pretty miserable for her at times.  But it came to a point when I heard her exclaim it so many times that I would just internally (and sometimes externally) roll my eyes.  Of course not having to spend any of my own money on things I sometimes thought she was over reacting to trivial things.  I still felt bad for ruining her things, I just didn't understand the value of it, so when she would lose it and say again and again "I just can't have anything nice!" I felt she was blowing it out of proportion.

But before you think I'm an ungrateful brat, Karma has come a calling in the form of MY children.  I have learned my lesson the hard way, to my new dining room table that the kids marked up with permanent marker, to Theo's new leather office chair that they ripped the back up from the continuous spinning in it and it hitting the desk.  The latest victim, I present exhibit A:

This is a picture of our brand new duvet that we bought a mere month ago.  I was doing my nails and Miriam wanted me to do her nails also.  I told her I would, just give me a second to finish up my own.  But she just couldn't wait, and opened the bottle.  That's when it went all over her hands and onto my new duvet.  I know she didn't mean it, but if she had just listened to me and left the nail polish alone none of that would have happened.  And then it slipped,

"I just can't have anything nice!".

Yep, Karma....gotta love it...   

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kara said...

I feel you. It's a good post because it's a good reminder of how my lamenting can make such an impression on my kids. I will try to hold my tongue a littler better next time they stab the kitchen table with forks or drip strawberry popsicles on their white sheets. Thanks Ikner!