Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Half or Full?

I'm in training to run the Half Marathon in Disney World next January 2013.  I've done 2 Half Marathons and they have both been Disney Halves.  They are pricey, butse4q they are so cool and the medals are awesome!  And you get to run through Fantasy Land right through Cinderella's castle, I guess you could do that any time you are there, but it would be really crowded and people would look at you funny.  Plus, you wouldn't get the cool medal.

This year is their 20th Anniversary of the Disney Marathon.  They have really outdone themselves on the medals.

Here is the Half Marathon medal:

I like how they did the hole in the middle.  The only thing is I have a Donald from last January.  I guess he represents the Half, but I have become pretty envious of the Marathon medal.

Which looks like this:

And if the looks of it isn't impressive enough, this thing spins!  There are two rings on the inside, the golden ring around Mickey and Mickey himself both spin.  That is way cool!  So cool in fact that it has got me wondering if I can actually run a Full Marathon!  At the last run I had a goal to beat my previous PR, and I did.  I could either challenge myself that way again and try to shave off more time, or I can really turn up the heat and challenge myself to a longer distance.

I haven't decided yet, mostly out of fear.  Also I really want to get my weight down so the run will be easier.  I swear this has been one trial that I can't seem to figure out.  I read an article in Runner's World where this guy made a comment, "Show me an overweight runner, and I'll show you an aardvark."  Okay, for one thing aardvarks aren't extinct, they aren't even uncommon!  You wanna see an overweight long distance runner, HERE I AM!  Ugh...that comment really ticked me off.  It definitely isn't from a lack of trying.  I have tried everything in the book, just short of starvation, and I can't seem to drop these annoying pounds.  I seriously think that is how I injured my foot from my last Half, I was just too heavy and pushed too hard to beat my PR that I damaged my foot.

So I guess if I can get to a lighter weight I will commit to the Full, yes, yes...that sounds like a plan. In the meantime I will just have to dream...and the dream that you wish will come true!  At least that's what Cinderella says. :)  


Stephanie Graham said...

Either way you go, think of it this way -- you are STEPS ahead of the rest of us, and we'll cheer you on whether full or half!!

Kristie said...

I think that is amazing. I can't even run over 5 miles before my knees start to really hurt. SO I have kind of given up. My dad had to have knee surgery and he is a runner so I said for me it wasn't worth the risk.
The weight thing I don't know if you have tried a CLEAN diet but it is amazing and I lost weight and wasn't hungry at all. Its just eating fruits veggies, raw nuts, chicken, and lean pork. No white flour or sugars. I still ate wheat bread and whole wheat english muffins(i needed the carbs) when I was weight training. Although I have gained 5 pounds back cause I took the summer off of dieting. Shame on me. that diet gave me so much energy and I felt so good. The kids start school next week and I am starting back on my diet. It really is just about routine for me. Having the kids home and watching them eat ice cream I wanted it too. :)
Good Luck....

Alabama Apples said...

You are such an inspiration to me, Kara. I ran my half last year and I keep thinking about how you are such a great dedicated runner. Whatever you choose, it will be fabulous. Now if I can be a little more like you and get my rear in gear... ;)