Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hannah's 4!

Four years ago today this wide eyed cherub came into our lives.  She has been a blessing and a true joy to raise these past 4 years.

 She wanted a cake covered with princesses, I think she wanted the bonus of being able to play with them after eating the cake.  She's a smart girl!

 She got a scooter and a super cute kitty cat helmet.  Isn't that just too adorable!!  I love the ears, and look at her face!  She is loving it!

It was such a fun day.  She reveled in it being her birthday.  Tobie was yelling at her, not in a mean way, he just has these weird outbursts, I think he has borderline turrets, but I heard her yelling right back at him, "You can't yell at the birthday girl!".  HA!  

We start Joy School in a few weeks, and even though it will be taxing on me since there is only one other mother teaching with me, I am so happy to keep her home for another year.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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