Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jersey-isms Pt. 2

I am loving all the friends I am making here, because they always fill me in on all the cool things going on around town.  But it has caused some anxiety because what I have found out is that NJ loves their tolls!  

I am no good at tolls because I never have any money.  In fact we already had to blow through one that we weren't prepared for.  I hope they see our AL license plate and chalk it up to ignorant tourists.

When we were coming into NJ I swear Theo's GPS took us through every single toll on the way to our house.  We were driving separate cars and I was freaking out because I didn't have any money.  Theo paid for his and mine, but I was stressing out that I needed to be right behind him so the toll attendant didn't accidentally let the car behind Theo through and then expect me to pay.  So of course when it comes to tolls I get nervous always worried if I have enough, or any at all!  And you never know what the amounts are going to be, some are $1.50 and some have been $3.

Just today I got on the Parkway, counted my change and thought I would be okay that I can handle $1.50.  But as I was driving down I started thinking, what if it's $3.50?  Then I started to panic.  Luckily I must have gone on a stretch that didn't require me to go through tolls, so all that worry for nothing!

I do have an answer for it though:
When I got home I told Theo to order this ASAP so I wouldn't have to panic anymore.  It will put my mind at ease once I get this on my car, then this Jersery-ism won't be a problem anymore.

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Mostess Mommy said...

LOL, we had tolls in Florida, Chicago and Oklahoma and those little EZ Passes are wprth every little penny! Good luck!!!