Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Living in New Jersey is like learning a new culture, without having to deal with a language barrier.  I'm loving it here, but there are a few Jersey-isms that is going to take some getting used to. 

For example, we have been promising the kids that we were going to take them to the beach ever since we got here and it just hasn't happened yet.  So we decided to use this past FHE as a family night out at the beach.  As soon as Theo got home from work we headed out.  A few friends told us about Margate Beach and how nice it was so that was where we went.

It really is a beautiful beach!  The sand was soft, the water was warm.  We set up camp about 80 yards away from the Lifeguards.  Hannah never gets in the water right away, she being my only child that shows fear of the water.  So I got to work with her building a sand castle while Theo and the rest of the kids headed straight for the water.  It was a nice calm day with green flags, so I had no worries about them being in the water, especially with Theo being with them.  But the next thing I know Theo is telling me that they have to walk down to the part of the water that is directly in front of the Lifeguards.  Apparently while I was busy playing engineer in the sand a lifeguard came to Theo and told him that they have to move in front of them or stay out of the water.

Now Theo and I have to juggle to kids going back and forth from our spot and what seemed like a 10 foot area in front of the Lifeguards that is 80 yards away.  I was really irritated by that, nowhere have we lived (and we have lived on every coast) have we been denied getting in the water because there wasn't a lifeguard sitting right in front of us.  And what I just found out today is that all the beaches are like that here.  Unless you get there early, like before 10 or really late, like 6, there is no free swim. 

It was a great beach, but I'm not sure how much I am going to like these rules.  And I know I am going to get into trouble by my friend Kara, because I have called it a 'beach' this whole time instead of the proper Jersey name for it, the 'shore'.  Sorry Kara, habits are hard to break, but I'm working on it!!!  Love you's! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Kara, Being from Florida I totally get what you are saying. However, instead of just getting used to it you can do what I do and skillful learn when those crazy rules don't apply and use those times to go to the "beach" ;-)

David and Melanie said...

Kara, so fun that I found your blog. And I love hearing your "Jersey-isms" but just for the record you live within a short distance to the beach so it is proper for you to call it "the beach". If locally you call it the "shore" to anyone they will definitely think you are a "shoobie" (not local) and possibly not like you so much. just to give you a heads up about it :) We're happy you're here!