Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Patient: Sparkles

Sparkles has hit the 6 month mark, and that means a cat going in heat.  I absolutely hate a cat that is in heat.  They meow all the time and get in awkward positions that tend to spark the curiosity of children.  So instead of explaining the birds and the bees to my kids we took a trip to the vets.

Her surgery was today and she is not a happy camper.  They put this cone on her because she was already trying to chew through her stitches.  The problem with the cone is that she can't hide in her little hiding places because they are too tight for her new head accessory to fit in. 

Another big hurdle for her recovery is that she can't go up and down stairs for 7-10 days.  We have a 2 story house with a basement, and she is always going up and down the stairs.  That's going to be a hard one! 

I want to hold her, but whenever you mess with the cone she flips out and starts thrashing. I hate that I can't cuddle her right now, but she will be better soon and I am a firm believer in getting your animals spayed and neutered so as not to add to the animal population without homes.  That's how she came to be in our family.  She was a stray that tried to make her home in the engine of my Suburban.  If we hadn't have taken her in there is no telling if she would have made it.

She may be uncomfortable now, but at least she has a loving home, and I think that is key to her recovery.

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