Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Food Network...Welcome Back!

A Food Network Haiku:

Food Network is great
My palette it salivates
I want to create.

I can't express how much I missed my Food Network.  In Alabama we cut off the satellite and switched to Netflix in the hopes that we would spend less time watching t.v.  And although our wallet felt relief I think we ended up watching more t.v. than ever with the on demand-full seasons of any show we wanted.

So when we moved here to NJ we hooked up the cable.  And let me tell you I have been making up for lost time!  A favorite comedian of mine and Theo's is, Jim Gaffigan, who very brilliantly said "Food Network is porn for fat people."  And he is soooo right!!!  I watch these shows completely enthralled and slobbering all over myself.  But I have to say I get my best inspiration from these shows, and I feel like I lost that when we turned off the satellite.  Now watching the shows I can feel my creative culinary juices flowing and even though my kitchen is a mere fraction of my kitchen in AL it hasn't deterred me from wanting to get in there and bake and cook my little heart out!

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