Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm A Coco-NUT!

I LOVE coconut!  I use coconut oil to cook with, I use it for body oil, facial oil, I drink coconut milk and even like coconut water.  I even wear coconut underwear!  Ha!  Just kidding...what kind of freak do you think I am?  And what kind of freak would believe that....hmmm...self evaluation time? 

Anywho, I found a recipe on Pinterest for a Mounds brownie.  It looked too good not to try.  But here's a tip when trying a new recipe: you should follow the directions.  I know!  It's a real shocker for me to! 

You make a pan of brownies according to the box, but what I failed to notice was what size pan to use.  I ended up using a 9X9 instead of the 13X9 it called for.  Then another tip is to make sure you specify what kind of coconut you need your husband to buy when he goes to the store, because if it calls for unsweetened coconut and you buy the sweetened coconut kind you are going to have one doozie of a sweet coconut filling.  Then to top it off cover the coconut filling with chocolate icing.

If I was scared I would have just halved the toppings amount, since my brownie to filling and icing would be off.  But I ain't skeered!  So I went all the way! 

Now I'm not one to say a dessert is 'too' sweet, in fact I think people have a few screws loose if they call dessert too sweet, It's dessert!!!  It's suppose to be sweet!  But when I took my first bite of this Mounds brownie I was spitting out a few teeth.  That sugar cut right to the roots!  I have met my sugar threshold. 

Here is the recipe if you want to try it, and I do recommend it, just make sure you follow the directions, they are there for a reason.  Ha! 

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