Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympics 2012

In just a few short hours is the opening ceremony for the London Olympics, EEEEEEKKKKK!!!  I am so excited!  I LOVE the Olympics!!  The gymnastics, the swimming, the running...I love all of it!  I used to wish I was one of those talented enough to compete in some kind of Olympic event, but alas I was diagnosed with a severe disease as a child...lazytitus.  It's a real disease that's needs more funding so we can put an end to this horrific epidemic.  So I have been subjugated to being a couch bystander due to this debilitating condition.

But that hasn't stopped me from living vicariously through the amazing abilities of these athletes that have worked so hard all their lives and spent so much of their parents money to make this dream come true.

So even though I can't compete, or even be in the same country as the Olympics, I will be cheering my little heart out in my humble abode.  I may not wear the athletes uniform, but that won't stop my neighborhood from hearing me shout,


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