Monday, September 24, 2012

Joy School Fun

Today was all about Rainbows!  Most of the day ended up being crafts, but it was fun crafts!  And one was even edible. 

The first craft was to make rainbows out of Fruit Loops.  I decided to use Royal Icing, so they could eat this when they were done.  What was funny is they kept asking me if they could eat it now after each application of a color.  Ha!  I'm sure it was torture when I told them I wanted to take a picture with both of their rainbow crafts, and they had yet to make the second one.  But they were troopers, and made it through.

The second craft they got to paint half a plate yellow and glue on google eyes, then we attached rainbow colored streamers that can wave in the wind.  I got Fynn in the middle of him busted out his cool dance moves.  He was probably too happy that he got to eat his rainbow!  As soon as I snapped this picture Hannah took her plate to the table and DEVOURED her rainbow.  I would say today was a success. :) 

I'm super excited about Wednesday, we have an Apple Picking field trip planned in preparation for our Johnny Appleseed theme next week.  Can't wait!


Alabama Apples said...

Oh, so cute! I have good memories of putting on joy school (ok, and maybe a couple nightmares of keeping the 2 Gavins in line ;) ).

kara said...

I want to be in your Joy School.