Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School

I may as well throw my first day of school photo into the blog pot, but this is all you're going to get. It was raining, and even though I wasn't running late, I wanted to stay on schedule to leave the house at 8:30.  And we did it!  It was a crazy morning, but I really like the kids school and their teachers so far.  Once things start to become more routine I expect it won't be so hectic at drop off.

What I have an issue with is pick-up!  I thought I had it bad in CA where I had to park the car and walk to Tobie's classroom to pick him up.  I had to get the stroller out and pack up my 2, and then 3 kids up to go get him in all the chaos of kids getting out.  I absolutely hated it!  Then when we moved to AL I was totally spoiled in the carpool pick up line.  You just pull up, call out your kids name and the teacher brings them over.  Now it's back to parking the car and going to get your kids.  But this time we pick them up in the gym and you have to wait in line to show them your I.D. and then you have to sign them out!  I appreciate all the security, but holy cow, that's a lot of work!  Especially on a rainy day like today, I was holding Charlotte and an umbrella while Hannah orbited around me.  We had to wait out in the rain, no fun at all!  I really hope that isn't how it's going to be all year. 

I thought it was funny when we were walking into the school this morning, Tobie says to me, "I bet I know what you are are thinking 'Hooray! A break!'".  But then I reminded him that I still have Hannah and Charlotte at home, and he's like, "Oh yeah.".  I remember thinking when I went to school how sad it was when Sheena, my youngest sister, started to go. That meant my mom was home all alone.  I was seriously worried for her, but after having 5 of my own I understand that it was a sweet freedom when the last of her 7 brood went off to school.

I love my kids and all, but they are social butterflies like me and they thrive on outside stimuli.  I never have to fear them going off to school.  I know they are going to have a great time, and in 3 short years I will feel that sweet freedom, but I definitely don't wish it to come any faster.


Mills Family said...

Glad you like the school. Pick up sounds miserable. We miss you guys!

Alabama Apples said...

I relish the break with just Em at home, but there are twinges of nostalgia, too. There is definitely something special on the good days when all the beasties are home with me.

Jessica Reid said...

I love the car pick up line, or better yet, being close enough to walk the kids to school, but when you have five that can't be an easy feat.