Monday, September 10, 2012

A Couple of Firsts

 Today was Hannah's first day of Joy School!  She was so excited, but couldn't seem to grasp the concept of going to school at home.  She kept asking me both before and after, "Why is Joy School here?".  But it was a super fun day with lots of activities.  We have class with another little boy from our church.  It's just the two of us moms doing it, so I'll be teaching a lot this year.  But I have to say I love that I get to do this with Hannah, she's my little cuddle bug and I'm so happy to have her home for another year before Kindergarten. 

We drew self portraits, made hand print umbrellas and hand print salt dough molds.  Of course I don't have any pictures of any of that, and I'm too pooped to go downstairs and hope my phone will work long enough to get all the pictures.  My phone has been acting up on me, whenever I try to pull up my camera or instagram it says there is an error and it has to force close.  What is that about?  I've loved my Droid, but now I am so frustrated that I'm thinking of getting an iphone when my upgrade comes up in December.  Wow...I just realized that was way off topic...welcome to the real thought process of Kara Ikner.  :/  Anywho, long story longer...I will try to get pictures later and post them on another blog post.

Another first today, Emma lost her first tooth!  This was a real lesson in patience.  That tooth has been loose for a long time and I wanted to pull it out so many times, but everytime I reached in there Emma would freak and I couldn't get a good grip on it.  Finally this evening she came to me showing me that the tooth could bend all the way down, and there is a new tooth coming in behind it.  She relented and let me go at it, and sure enough *POP* and no pain.  And yes, that is another tooth growing in behind the tooth that I just pulled out.  That one is very loose also.  Hopefully now that she knows what it feels like to loose a tooth there won't be as much drama when the time comes to pull it.  But then again, this is Emma we're talking about here...

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