Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I didn't take this picture, but that was a pretty accurate looking picture of a thunderstorm that you would see here in L.A. I really hope they have thunderstorms in NJ.

When we lived in CA the beautiful days of clear blue skies began to take its toll on me. I missed those sweet summer showers with the rolling thunder and the cool relief the rains would bring. I even would turn my computer off and back on because its start up sound was a thunder clap. Whenever I heard that sound I would get so homesick.

As I'm typing this entry now there is a wonderful storm outside. The rumbling outside is so relaxing. There is nothing like a lazy rainy day or evening, especially with the static in the air from a refreshing thunderstorm.

I really hope they have thunderstorms in NJ.

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Jessica Reid said...

That's what I miss about Texas. We've had a couple of thunderstorms here in Sacramento but they are few and far between and short.