Friday, June 8, 2012

Miriam's 7th Birthday

To celebrate Miriam's 7th birthday we planned a fun day at the beach. Theo even took the whole day off of work. We thought it was going to be a great day, until we heard that the seaweed is out with a vengeance and apparently the water heated up too quickly for the fish and dead fish were washing up on shore. Dead fish, seaweed and a rip tide that brought out the red flag deterred us from going to the beach.

It's all good, because we got to take advantage of Theo's cousin house since they have a sweet pool! I really wish we could go there more often, but it's a good 35-45 minute drive. We spent a fun few hours there until the thunderstorms chased us away.

Once we got home some of us changed and we all went out to a Chinese Buffet restaurant. The food is fine, but I think my kids love coming to this place because of the statues they have all over the place. They have dragons and big lion statues out front that you can climb on other than these awesome Pandas.
 She just wanted a cake with a sun, and a beach theme around the bottom since her birthday is in the summer. And can you believe with all the work I do with fondant Miriam didn't want any of that. She said she doesn't like fondant actually. What?! How can she be my daughter? But it was exactly what she wanted, so I guess I am happy for that. Ha! It's probably better that it was this way, after the awesome Super Hero cake and with Tobie's 10th birthday cake coming up, which is going to be HUGE! I guess this cake was a nice little break.

I think she had a good birthday, even though it was just us and my parents, but next year will be a whopper with her turning 8 and getting baptized and all. We go all out for that one.

So Happy Birthday Miriam, you are 1 year from a party!! LOL!! ;)

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