Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jersey-isms Part 4

You see this?  I thought I had gotten myself pretty acclimated around here, but it's stuff like this that really throws me off!  Two Tilton Rd.'s right by each other!  This is actually a mistake that I took when we first got here. Luckily I was meeting a friend to go running and she was very forgiving when I showed up late because I turned down the WRONG Tilton. 

But today it actually got the better of me.  I had a doctor's appointment on a road called Black Horse Pike.  I had never been to this doctors office before so I looked up the address and typed it in my Google maps app, building number and all!  Remember that, it's important.  So I'm coming up on the place it tells me my destination is, but as I pull into the parking lot I see a sign for Spencer's, like the risque store in the mall.  Maybe it's their outlet store, this place was big, but definitely NOT where my doctor's appointment was.  So I plug the address in maps again and notice two options pop up under the same building number, same street, just different towns!  It's on the same road!  How can they have the same building number???  I had to call the doctors and tell them I was across town, but I'll be there in 12 minutes, more like 15...nuance...

Seriously? What is that about?  I just thought it was a fluke thing when I came across two Tilton's but I'm finding other streets that have the same names.  This definitely took the cake though, having the same building number on the same street.  Is that even legal?  Oh well, I got it figured out and I have learned my lesson, check the town!!

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Britt Family said...

That's the worst part about moving to a new place. There has been several times I've gotten lost since we moved to the middle of nowhere MS and the GPS just showed some cowpastures and said the gravel road did not exist. Ughhhh... I feel your pain. :)