Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disney Cake

I've decided to start advertizing my cakes here in Jersey.  It's taken me awhile to commit to it considering my kitchen is the size of a shoe box.  And we're not talking Michael Jordan size, not even boots, more like a box of flats for my 4 year old small.  But I've been feeling like my creative juices are needing an outlet and I miss making cakes, so I took the plunge and posted on the Coast Guard Spouses Club that I do cakes and I got my first order that day!  I was really excited and of course nervous, I always get a little nervous that my clients will like the cake I make them.

She wanted a Disney inspired cake and sent me some pictures, it seemed pretty simple but it was a lot of red and black fondant.  That intimidated me at first, because red and black are the hardest to home make, but I didn't want to spend money on store bought fondant just for the colors.  For one, they don't taste as good as my marshmallow fondant and two, it's $20 for just one tub and I was only charging $30 for the whole thing!  So even though I wasn't sure how it would come out I decided to make the colors myself.  I'd have to say that I'm pretty proud at the way it turned out.

Hopefully I'll get some more business soon.  It was a little difficult navigating the space but it was so nice getting to do what I really like to do.

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