Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

 We have a really good Coast Guard group here in that they like to throw parties for the holidays.  They had an Easter Egg Hunt on the Saturday before the Saturday before Easter.  The kids loved seeing the Bunny, in fact Charlotte probably loved him the most, she kept going up to him and getting in other people's shots!  Another Coast Guard friend took this picture for us, isn't the helicopter a cool back drop?!

The Ward Primary Easter party almost didn't happen.  They usually have the YW put on a Spring Fling party that includes an egg hunt, but for some reason this year it's 2 weeks after Easter, so instead of canceling the Primary egg hunt I stepped up and volunteered to plan it.  It was a lot of work, but I have awesome help from the Primary President, 2nd Counselor, Secretary and other very eager volunteers.  If it wasn't for all these people there would have been no way I could have created something so much fun!
 This is the spot for the Easter Bunny to sit.  Not as cool as the helicopter, but I couldn't fit that into the gym.

 We had a cookie station for the kids so they could decorate Easter themed cookies.  I made all the icing, but I had lots of help with people donating cookies.
 This was another station where they did all kinds of crafts.  They made a funny bunny hat (scroll down to see Miriam modeling her creation), a hanging Easter accordion egg, a cute chicky plate and coloring pages.

 This is actually where we had the hunt.  At our church building there is no back yard area, it's just all parking area.  Then in the front is a busy road, so no outside area for a decent egg hunt.  So I just created one in the hallway of our church.  This is before the eggs were placed, but imagine a ton of eggs on chairs, on door handles, in the hallway...everywhere!!

 We also had a guess how many jelly beans are in the jar contest.  Can you believe that there was actually a girl who got the exact number right!!  The prize was the jelly bean jar!

 We did the hunt in waves.  First the Sunbeams and Nursery got to go, then we reset and let the Valiants go, then reset for the last time and let the CTR's go. 

 Charlotte wasn't really getting the concept yet, she kept grabbing the eggs and putting them in other peoples baskets!  She was content with the ones she could hold, but didn't concern herself with filling up her own basket.

 This is down the other side of the hall.  Hannah with her friend Lilia are combing the place to make sure they got them all.

 This is the funny bunny hat I went with.  I think it's hilarious!  And it's different than the plain bunny ears one, thanks Pinterest!

 That is one happy Bunny!!  I wonder who that could be?

 Oh right, it's Theo!  LOL!!  Of course since I'm in charge of it I assigned the costume wearing to my husband.  He loved it though, and did an awesome jig for the kids, seriously it was so funny I almost wet myself...

Our lovely family photo, except Charlotte had already had her fill of Mister Bunny so she wasn't cooperating.  But it was a super fun day and I was so happy I got to head it up.

 Of course I had to include a picture of the kids in their Easter Sunday best.  Aren't they just too adorable!

I had to include this one also, I have no idea what was so funny but they are so cute.  I really was a great Easter season, I hope everyone else had a good Easter as well!

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