Monday, May 17, 2010

Tired Lately

I've been meaning to comment on my wonderful husband's posting. I have been very adamant about having him make a posting, and I'm very grateful he did. I was a little less moved when after reading it, it was mostly him tooting his own crafty horn. But beggars can't be choosers, so I should just be happy because it was a good mothers day, and I have had my share of bad mother's days.

For example, a few years back when we were living in California Theo was deployed for Mother's
Day. I felt sorry for myself as I struggled with three youngsters all alone in sacrament by myself. I complained relentlessly to Theo on the phone how crummy it was that he wasn't even here for Mother's Day. All I wanted, besides my husband, was my Mother's Day chocolate. Just one little taste of that chocolaty goodness. I was so desperate I was talking about locking Tobie up in the dog kennel and putting Emma and Miriam in the crib while I walked to the Coast Guard exchange right behind my house. Of course I would never do that, but that's how desperate I felt.

While I was "Woe is me!"-ing on the phone to Theo I got a call. I click over and my friend from church had noticed me that I was husbandless and took pity. She always gets a huge chocolate cake on Mother's Day and it was simply just too much for them and could she bring me some. I tell you I almost started bawling on the phone right then and there. She came over and the chocolate crisis was resolved.

You may think the story ends there, but this story actually started a long time ago when I was just a newlywed. I was attending an Enrichment Night in my new ward when the ladies started acting out a particular scenario. This one lady was completely depressed and all she wanted was a piece of chocolate cake. I sat back in all my pre-baby glory and thought this was preposterous. Who would actually be that depressed for a piece of chocolate cake? I scoffed at the idea, but for some reason that scenario really stuck in my mind. Ironic isn't it that this scenario played out almost exactly for me. It's moments like that when I think Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor. We are all created in His image, so it's nice to know that humor is on the list.

I hope this post makes sense. I haven't been too into being on the computer lately. I've just been too tired. You can read into that as much as you want.


Alabama Apples said...

I have been known to cry for chocolate. It isn't always the actual chocolate, but what it represents...and okay, for the actual creamy, melty yumminess too. I love how the Lord has a sense of humor, too. He must! :) Happy Mother's Day!

kara said...

With your last comment I was thrust back to my days working at BYU (post student). Quite literally, if any married girl at any time mentioned ANY type of ailment, the rumor mill immediately started that she was pregnant. It was ridiculous, but really cut down on the sick days. Maybe it was all a conspiracy started by the HR department. Anyway, hoping you get your mojo back soon.