Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Joy School Graduate

Miriam graduated from Joy School today. Joy School is when a group of mothers take turns teaching each others kids. It really has been fun, but now my little Miriam is moving up with the big dogs and is starting Kindergarten this fall. I can't say that it feels like time is flying by for me. I guess it's because Tobie has been in school for a while now and it seems to have taken forever for her to join him. Also she loves learning so much that I have been chomping on the bits to get her into a real classroom to let her really spread her wings.
The Joy School cake that I made for the occasion. I actually used the picture off of one of the school posters we have used all year. On the poster version each window has one of the kids picture on the back and behind the door is a wheel with the different teachers. When the kids come in they turn their pictures around to let us know that their minds are open and ready to learn. It's a great concept and it's been really fun for the kids to do throughout the year.
They all look relieved now that the formal festivities are all over. They are such a cute bunch of kids. I know they are all going to do well this fall. Great Job Graduates!

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