Saturday, May 8, 2010


As a tribute to my beautiful wife I thought I would finally make a posting on her blog. She always brags about how other husbands post on their wives blogs. I thought this would be an appropriate time. I would like to show some pictures of her wonderful Mothers Day gift from 2007. Finally it was completed last April just in time for this Mothers Day. It may have taken a while to finish, but for such fine craftsmanship that's the price you have to pay. I am sure Michelagelo's Statue of David took about the same time.

The fine woodwork of such a piece takes time. Poplar wood joined together with no screws, custom staining, custom hardware, a large amount of storage(the top drawer is as large as the table top),

and a butcher block top custom fitted for the table.
Of course no price is too much for my beautiful wife on Mothers Day. Three years of sacrifice that I put into this table is only a fraction of my devotion to her. Maybe too long for her to wait but patience is a virtue. Enough of my wife's wonderful kitchen island. I would like to say Happy Mothers Day to Kara. Contrary to your belief, I think you are a wonderful mother and wife. The fact that our children have not totally destroyed our house is enough of a testament for me that you are doing a great job. We love you!!! Me Especially,
Love, Theo


Alabama Apples said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kara. The island is beautiful! I, too, think you're a great mother. I love how you go through life with a laugh.

kara said...

Congrats Theo! I'd heard of this mysterious island. I thought Ikner was just making it up to make you sound cool. Speaking of Ikner...which is how I lovingly think/refer to your gave me a jolt to have you wish ME a happy mother's day! Because if you were talking to your wife (in my mind) it would have said, "Happy Mother's Day, Ikner!" --the other kara.

Mills Family said...

Love the island! Great job on your talk yesterday!