Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two Cybil's

I am living with 2 Cybil's. My girls officially have split personalities. So now instead of trying to make two little girls happy, I have the daunting task of making 4 girls happy. This is very difficult considering that one personality always wants the opposite of what the other personality wants.

Ex. 1
I was getting Miriam some chocolate milk, and asked Emma if she would want some in my sweet Doris Day sing-song manner.

"No!" was her answer.

"Okay." No skin off my teeth, that just means one less sippy cup to prepare. I put the milk and syrup back in the refrigerator and started to walk out of the kitchen.

"NOOOOOO!!!!" she yells and my head snaps around, you would think I would get used to this type of outburst, but it still shakes my nerves every single time.


"So you want some chocolate milk now?"

"Uh-huh." Shaking her noggin in the yes direction playing up her big brown eyes and talking in her most sweetest tone so I would forgive her of anything.

Ex. 2
Whenever I put Miriam to bed we usually have a bedtime routine of me reading a book to her, then we sing 5 songs (I had to put a limit after we reached 20 one night.) and then I lay with her for 1 minute. She tends to tell me to leave before the musical concert begins.

"Are you sure?" I say over and over.

"Yes, get out." Not in a mean way or anything, just like she is stating the facts. I start to walk out and ask one more time, "Really?, this is your last chance."

"Good night, Mommy."

10 minutes after settling into my bed, hook Hannah up, turn on the t.v. and even set up my laptop to start my nightly surfing, here comes Miriam.

"Go to bed Miriam."

"But you didn't lay down with me!" she protests.

"Are you kidding??? Get into bed!"

Sometimes she wins and sometimes she wins. This split personality thing is getting a tad old.


Chelle said...

I also have that problem with Lexie and Gavin. Mostly with Lexie though. First she says no then yes after I sit down and make myself comfortable. I'm truely there with you!

Andrea said...

Kara---just wait until they are about 10---11 years old and the hormones start kicking in. Then it REALLY get interesting. LOL.