Friday, February 6, 2009

The blanket from Hades!

A Bunco friend of mine is expecgting her first baby next month and had her baby shower last week. She asked for things that are absolutely necessary for a mom to have. The one thing that I absolutely can't be without is my baby blankets. I love these blankets, I have made one for almost all my kids. (Miriam got one from a friend as a gift so I didn't make one, although I should just for sentimental value.) They are just the right size and super easy to make...that is until I used a different fabric that I have never experimented with before.
The green on this blanket is that really fuzzy soft material. Her theme was Dr. Suess and I just loved the richness of it. The problem was the fabric is stretchy. I pinned this blanket at least 4 times trying to get it not to pucker when I started sewing. I was so frustrated with it that I didn't go to the party, that and my kids just started breaking out with pink eye. (fun, fun!) But I did manage to get it done before Bunco this past Wednesday and before pulling all my hair out in frustration trying to make it work.
I am so happy with the way it worked out. I love it so much I would love to make more blankets like this now that I know how to work with this material. But not anytime soon! =)

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Chelle said...

That is so adorable! I love the polka dots.