Sunday, January 11, 2009

Technology is not the same as Knowledge

The topic of our Relief Society meeting today was that Knowledge is Power. It's this power that makes us able to overcome our adversary, Satan. Our teacher talked about what happens when knowledge has been removed from the earth. Things such as the Dark Ages was mentioned, people being over taken and made slaves of their conquerors and even so far as reverting to cannibalism. When knowledge is lost people do not act civilized, therefore plummating us into a somewhat Mad Max kind of a world. I started to think about the possibility of this occuring in such a technologically advanced world, and then it dawned on me that this will actually be our crutch. Just because we have technology doesn't mean we will have the knowledge to sustain ourselves if when disaster or tragedy effects our lives. I can totally see Satan using technology as a diversion to keep us from gaining knowledge, and thereby making us vulnerable when times get hard. The more advanced our technology gets, the dumber we get and the less self-reliant we become. I live in earthquake country so being ready for a spur of the moment catastrophe is crucial, especially with a family. I guy in my Ward gave a talk on preparedness and he related a story that when he went into the bank to get out cash to add to his emergency kit, for some reason the conversation started as to why he needed the money. He told her he needed it in case of an emergency. The cashier responded, "Oh, I have my ATM card." Does she even realize she won't be able to use her card if their is no electricity, and how many more people are under this assumption?
Emergency Preparedness is one of the major concerns our church focuses on, becuase no matter where you live there is going to be disasters. Whether due to the weather; man made or economical we all have struggles we going to have to deal with sooner or later. I left that meeting anxious to get home and start researching to make sure that me and my family will be prepared in case anything detrimental should occur and we are left without that precious technology that we all have become so dependent on.


Chelle said...

Tell me about it! Here lately I've been really anxious to get my family prepared for just anything, it's hard to even explain that to a guy whose lived in hurricane territory all his life. Not to mention also being spiritually prepared! This is one of my resolutions, To Get Prepared!

Aleisha said...

You nailed that one on the head. We've been trying to get prepared for what seems like forever. Everytime we PC, stu gives all our food storage away and we have to start over. This time, I am going to bite the bullet, buy MRE's and guard them with my life. I just have to get the money to buy them I think the food storage, putting cash in with that and getting water stored away is our biggest thing right now. That's really hard to do over here.

Andrea said...

Thanks for posting this. Knowledge is very important. It's important to keep "updating" that knowledge too!
I think it is so important to be self reliant. This is something I am trying to become more knowledgable in and better at.
Heavenly Father is great. I know our family would not even be what we are now without his great blessings. May we all become a little more self-reliant this year. Great post.