Monday, January 5, 2009

Domesticated Princess

Sure Disney movies are a little misleading for our young girls, planting in their heads of the day their prince will come and sweep them away to a castle in the clouds and live happily ever after. How many of us have the little girl that puts on the dress and dances around singing some love song she has memorized from her favorite Disney princess movie after watching it for the umptenth time. I think my little Miriam has really picked up on the reality part of these beautiful fairytale lives.

She was the perfect princess hostess for tea.
This was her princess pose.

And the most important part of all these princess movies, the hard labor! After the tea date she got busy in the kitchen cleaning all the cups and pots. I started thinking, a lot of these princesses have learned the value of hardwork before their dreams come true. Sure they still go off to live the happily ever after stuff, but they learn that life requires work. And with that you know that it will be a happily ever after because they know you have to work to make it work. I'm almost 30 and never picked up on this trend. If my girl is picking up on the fact that life is hard work as well as can be a fairytale, then I can deal with the costumes and the pretend play. Plus, she's super cute all dressed up!


Chelle said...

She is adorable! Lexie got tons of Princess shoes and dresses for xmas and I can't get her to wear them for more than 2 seconds. She keeps complaining about them being itchy. I keep telling her beauty is pain, get used to it! :)

Andrea said...

She is adorable, and you are right it is good to learn that life is hardwork--that's what helps you enjoy those princess moments even that much better. Funny, my Cecily loves the "girly" princesses, while Ariel was all about Mulan saving the boys. LOL.

Aleisha said...

I don't think I ever picked up on that either. All though my parents taught us that early in life. That's a great way to look at it. Just tell your girls that when watching those movies. =o) Stuart read the book your reading and loved it. He said it helped him understand our boys a lot more.

Lainie said...

I'd rather pricesses than barbies! I love the kitchen set - that is adorable!! My girls had a play kitchen in their bedroom in California. They NEVER played with it. Actually, the boys would sneak in (over the gate) and play with it. So, I decided I would get a more masculine kitchen for them. We sold the girly one there at a garage sale and picked up a gray one that talks from the twin sale last year. Great purchase only - its not cute like yours. Sigh!!!

Kara and Theo said...

Costco Baby!