Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I'm actually not the type of person who makes resolutions. I don't see the point in waiting for the new year to try to become someone better. If there is something you would like to change their is no better time to change than today. So when I say New Year's Resolutions I am just simply stating my goals that have actually been in place for a while, I am just declaring them to the public.

Having said that, there are 2 major events going on this year.

1.) Transferring through the Coast Guard

2.) Turning 30!

Every time I have had a baby we move. Tobie was 2 months, Miriam was 2 weeks and Emma...well, we moved from one house into another while I was still in the hospital. My point being that whenever we move I am HUGE from just having a baby. So this year is a little different. Hannah was born August 28th, that gives me almost a year to get back into shape. Nursing has been my road block. For some reason my body wants to hang on to the fat while I am nursing. But now I am starting the countdown and I am determined not to move into a new location the size of a barn!
That brings me to my second point. Also this summer I am turning the big 3-0! I'll be older than my mother, since she has been 29 for about as long as I can remember. Everyone is filling my head with how things are going to be different when I turn 30, especially physically. When I speak of getting into shape and the fact that I am turning 30, there's a quick reminder that it's all goint to get a lot harder at 30. Maybe it's a little anxiety kicking in, but I'm feeling the pressure to whip myself into the figure that I want to have for the rest of my life.
So you can see where this is all leading. My goal is to lose this baby fat before we move and I turn 30 which pretty much is happening at the same time. My mantra is 30lbs. by 30! Wish me luck everyone!

That's it for my personal resolutions. I did think of some couple resolutions that I am going to work hard on accomplishing also. Theo and I are going to have a date night every week and also attend the temple together once a month. (That second one was inspired by Lainie. Thanks Lainie!) It's going to be difficult with the nursing baby and all, but I know it will be well worth it in the end.

So that's it for Kara's 2009 resolutions. I wish a good year to everyone and hope everyone else is able to achieve their goals and dreams as well!


Chelle said...

I loved your xmas pics. It looks like you guys really had a good one. Our resolutions sound sorta the same. I had one to add on to that, having family home evening every Monday. We just started this past Monday with Tommy. It started out kinda rocky but we got through it. We even got to play a game. It was nice. Well good luck on your resolutions. Happy New Year!

Andrea said...

Love this post. I think you are right, we need to be working to be better everyday. I think you have great goals set, thanks for sharing them. OH, and turning 30 isn't so bad, try 35! Good luck on your goals, I know you can do it!:)

kara said...

Good goal...considering I think I gained 5 lbs on my 30th was a gift from my metabolism, as it went into partial retirement. So, getting where you want to be NOW, is much better than LATER (which happens to be the path I'm on now...the Later Path). I'll wave a twinkie in each hand as I cheer you on from my la-z-boy.

Lainie said...

You can do 30 by 30!!! I totally believe in you!!! Just remember the water before you drink, the best kept secret! Also, about being 30 -- I feel better at 30 than I ever have in my entire life! 30 is great!!! Don't let it scare you. Now 40, well, that's a different story. I turn 35 this year. Be glad you're not 5 years closer to 40! YIKES!!! LOVE YOU KARA!!!!!!