Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ikner's Christmas

My story begins on Christmas Eve. As my kids get older I am finding that I need some of our own Christmas traditions. I am horrible at rolling out dough, whether it's cookies or pizza or pie, anything that needs to be rolled out, I have no talent for it. But I love the idea of making Christmas cookies and decorating them. So this year I prepared and started to make the dough ahead of time so I can find the most managable dough recipe that even I could master. Thanks to my friend, Karen, who gave me a great recipe I was able to adequately prepare Christmas cookies for my children to decorate to their little hearts content.
Miriam is my little cake decorator in training. She was so focused and did such a great job!
Tobie looks really professional here, but I actually had to make him pose for a picture. Ha Ha! He would make a great actor, huh?!
That's some good looking cookies. Notice the Gingerbread Man, Miriam did that the face all by herself with a piping bag with a tip and everything! The picture really doesn't do it justice since you are looking at it upside down, but it really was a good job. I even had to ask Theo if she really did that by herself even though she just told me that she did. I was so impressed! That girl really has a talent.I carry on the tradition of getting new pj's on Christmas Eve. The kids just had baths, that's why their hair is so crazy looking.
I just thought this picture was funny! The girls are totally loving it. Tobie looking like the tough guy, when his sisters usually make him cry when they get in a wrestling match!
Here's our tree. It's fake, but it sure is majestic in this photo.

Me getting my new Garmin 305. Now to get running again. I've been chickening out with all the rainy weather and just going to the gym. This new "toy" should be motivation enough to get out there!
As much as I tried not to let Emma see "Yo Gabba Gabba", she some day got a glimpse before I could turn off the television and she was hooked! Now she asks for it daily, "Abba, Abba". Which is a good group, but I know what she really wants. This is one of the characters from the show, Brobee.
Mimi and Pawpaw sent Hannah this neat playmat. She really does enjoy it, she just wasn't in the mood for tummy time in this picture. Actually I don't know who gets more pleasure out of it, Hannah or the older kids. I think they just like playing with her and that's all that really matters.
Santa left some recorders in their stockings. I haven't decided if I think that was a good idea or not. The negative side is pretty obvious, they have learned how to make the loudest sound that recorder can possibly make, but the positive is that I actually like walking around the house playing on it to acting just like one of my kids. It's a fun little toy.
I can't imagine why I didn't get any pictures of Tobie on Christmas day, probably because he got WarCraft The Frozen Throne from Santa and he was on the computer pretty much all day. Like Daddy like son!
I really hope you all had a great Christmas as well! And I hope you have a great New Year's also!!!
Love, the Ikner's


The Iverson Family said...

just thought i would say merry christmas late! hannah is so cute!!!!

Andrea said...

Looks like ya'll had a FABULOUS Christmas. Hope your New Year is just as much!

Andrea said...

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