Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Aquarium at Monterey Bay

If you think this posting looks familiar, that's because I posted it once already. I decided to try to get organized on here by labeling my posts, but when I tried to delete the wrong label I had given this entry it deleted the whole thing. And it apparently deleted another older post, and I have no idea what that was on. By 11pm last night I was about to chuck this whole computer at the wall. After several attempts today and a few ignored children later, I was able to post this one again. The other one is long gone, I just have to deal. So to recap...

We were supposed to go to the mountains in Tahoe last week for ski week, but there was a huge snowstorm that hit, and we are unskilled in the ways of driving in snow. So much so that it kept us from attempting to drive up. So plan B went into effect. We rented a room at the Clarion because it had an indoor heated pool. The next day we spent the whole afternoon at the Aquarium. It was so much fun that I wasn't as bummed about missing out on the snow.

Hannah showed no interest in the water. She wasn't scared, or excited. Tobie and Emma are my water babies, and Miriam has always been a little afraid of it. Hannah on the other hand kept this poker face the whole time she was in the water.

This was Hannah's favorite part of the trip!

At the touch pools.

They had a corridor with glass walls and a glass roof that they would dump a lot of water over and it would spill into the tide pools behind the kids so you could actually see what it looks like when the tide comes in. Theo got a good first reaction from the kids when the water came down.
Emma was NOT in the picture mood. She kept getting mad at Theo when he would try to take her picture. This is my favorite, and every time she sees it she gets mad at us.

The jellyfish were my favorite!
At the shark tanks.
Those guys in the background were cleaning the bottom of the tank. They were wearing these wetsuits made out of iron mesh and there were 3 of them. One was cleaning the bottom and the other two had poking sticks and protecting the guy cleaning.
That's a big tuna!
The penguins were last and it was actually the one thing that kept the kids moving. I don't know why the idea of seeing the penguins was so fascinating to them, but it kept them going so I wasn't complaining. When we got there I think they spent about the same amount of time there as with any other exhibit.


Chelle said...

You guys looked like you had fun. I've been wanting to take my kids to the aquarium. Maybe this summer!

Andrea said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad ya'll made it a fun weekend even though Plan A fell through!