Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Putt-Putt Fun

The Monday before Grandma left we all went to play putt-putt for Family "Home" Evening. I put home in qoutation marks because sometimes we like to go out and do something fun for our FHE's. This was the first time Emma has ever gone to a putt-putt place and she really loved it. Miriam was really into it also, she had to get the ball in the hole before moving on to the next. Tobie was a little anxious and kept putting his ball in the hole when he didn't get it the first two tries. We kept having to call him back because he would get like 3 holes ahead of us.

I was not going to be outdone just becuase I had a newborn hanging on me. Needless to say we did not keep score, for obvious reasons.
After putt-putt we went inside to the Arcade part and played on some of the games. You get tickets depending on how many points you get on any particular game. Then you take these tickets to the counter and trade them in for prizes. Usually the prizes are pretty lame, cheap-o ones that you could have bought 20 of with all the money you wasted on the game in the first place. But we still play them for the novelty of it, and the kids feel that they have accomplished something really cool. Well since the prizes were slim pickens the kids all decided they wanted these teeth with fake silver teeth. They had a lot of fun with them, and it only took a few days for them to be lost. But we got some really good pictures, the one of Miriam at the botttom was Theo's and my favorite.


The Lemon Family said...

i cant wait for jeremy to get back i am feeling very much housebound if you don't count the dropping off and picking up from school, the have to go to the store because we are out of milk, and hurry up we are going to be late for sacrament...i just haven't been brave enough to do something fun by myself with the kids or maybe its i am just too tired?

i am still amazed at how cute your girls r and how they look just like you

Lainie said...

SO fun! Isn't that in Rhonert Park? We went there once and had a blast!! And no, I'm not surprised that you didn't let baby slow you down!

Andrea said...

Your kids are so darn cute. I can't believe you have 4 now. The last time I saw you, I think you had 2 maybe? You look good too for just having a baby!
I Love miniature golf too!

Rebecca said...

Love the pictures. Especially the family picture on the day of the blessing. Everyone looks great. The one with Miriam and the teeth is my favorite one as well. What a character.
Sure do miss you guys. Love you all.