Sunday, September 14, 2008

Muir Woods

We finally got to make it to Muir Woods this Saturday. A few months ago we tried to go with my sister and mom, but we couldn't find a parking spot for a couple of miles away and I was 8 months pregnant having to relieve my bladder every 30 minutes or so. So a 2 mile trek just to get in wasn't something I think I could have managed. But when we went yesterday we really lucked up and got a great parking spot. The weather was pretty chilly, but we came prepared with jackets although Miriam wouldn't put hers on for anything. It was really difficult trying to get my kids to walk through the place. We only went through one grove of trees called the Cathedral Grove and that took us about 2 hours to walk a half mile. We had Tobie running ahead and Emma not wanting to move and Miriam was in the middle doing one or the other. They seemed to enjoy it, but I think it would be nice to go with just Theo and I and see more of the woods.

Emma was fascinated by this creek. She would stop beside it every other foot or so and just stare. We couldn't get her to move on a few times and then when she finally would start walking she started waving and saying 'bye-bye' to the creek.


Chelle said...

That's so Beautiful!!! That last pic you can see the sun rays coming right through the trees. It sorta reminds me of the Joseph Smith pic of him in the Sacred Grove. Just Beautiful!

Lainie said...

OK that last picture should be published. Simply gorgeous. We really loved going there.