Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Temple of Doom Cake

So here is the very anticipated Temple of Doom cake. There are the three magic stones in the eye sockets and nose cavity. There are skulls on those two sticks on either side of the trap door that says "Happy Birthday Tobie". I kept going back and forth on whether to use fondant on the huge skull on top, but Rochelle told me that she actually likes fondant so I did it just for her. But it must be a genetic taste because her second son Gavin just ate all the skulls and then started picking the fondant off the big skull as well. He didn't even want a piece of cake, just as long as he got that fondant he was happy. I'm so glad they were able to come and I could do this for them!


Chelle said...

I still think that cake was awesome! It was also very delicious!

Annie said...

Seriously, you make the sweetest cakes!

Maureen said...

I hate to just say what others are saying, but that really is amazing work you did on the cake. I assume that's what Tobbie's into - Indiana Jones. Very Cool! I would play your memory game, but I think I have seriously premature dementia : )