Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nine Years

Theo and I just celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary! I have been so blessed to have found this wonderful companion. As time goes on, the sweeter our marriage is and I fall deeper and deeper in love with this man. I know that the picture is really crummy because we are not in the light, but I just loved the background. Theo took me to The Melting Pot and we had a wonderful dinner. Then we went to the scenic cliff to get a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a hard hike that I am still hurting from, but it is just so amazingly beautiful you can't complain. Thanks to my Mom and sister Rochelle who had just driven here the day before from Alabama and I imposed on them to watch the kids so we could have our little celebration.


The Iverson Family said...

for some reason i thought that you lived in southern cali. i would love to visit the golden gate bridge, it is a great picture.

Aleisha said...

Awwwwwwww, Congrats! That's so sweet.

Chelle said...

I agree, that's a really neat pic. I'm glad we could do that for you guys and I'm going to have to find The Melting Pot around here b/c it sounds really tasty!