Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SF Zoo

One of the places I decided to take my sister and her kids was the San Francisco Zoo. It was a nice day, a little too cold and when we were looking around most of the animals had gone inside. Then when we got back out to the car it was a pretty horrible experience, you'll see why!

We did get to see the baby tiger cubs. The mother tiger was grooming them and then she started to wrestle with them. It was really cute. Probably the highlight of the whole zoo.
This hippo was right beside the tiger exhibits and the kids were more interested in climbing it than looking at the actually animals. There seemed to be a lot of renovations going on, I think that black tarp behind us was supposed to be the hippo exhibit, but as you can see it was all closed down.
This is what we found when we got back to the car. Someone had broken into my sisters passenger side window and stole her GPS system and her dual DVD players. I really can't understand how someone got away with this in the middle of the day and this parking lot was packed! They must have played it off like they left the keys in the car, there is just no other way I can imagine them being able to break in without any witnesses.


Aleisha said...

WOW!!! That would ruin my day. How horrible. It makes me sad that people choose to do stuff like that. I hope your sister is covered and everything will be replaced.

Chelle said...

I didn't know you got a pic of that. I didn't think about it until later that maybe I should've taken pics of the incident. Other than that happening, I think we all had a really good time there just visiting with you guys!

Annie said...

The nerve! That's so SF for you. We had some friends that lived in the city that got their car broken into for a princess cd player with Disney songs on it for pete's sake. Sorry about the lose.