Saturday, March 8, 2008

Valley of the Temples

These beautiful mountains were on our way to the temple. We passed this other place called the Valley of the Temples which was pretty much a graveyard that had all these temples from other churches in it. It all began with the building of this temple, which is a Buddhist temple that was built for all the Japanese people that had started to relocate here in Hawaii. It was very pretty all around, not as pretty as the LDS Temple of course, but it was interesting to see.

They had these really beautiful black swans swimming in this moat that went around the temple. It was also filled with these huge koi fish.
This is the largest statue of Buddha outside of any Asian country.
They had this big gong that it said would bring you good luck if you rang it. Tobie rang it a couple of times too many. There was people waiting behind him and I had to force him down so they could have a turn.
I wasn't going to ring it until I read the message that said it would bring good luck, so I thought what the heck?

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Lainie said...

THAT is awesome. I bet Toby will win the lottery or something?! Very cool pix!