Saturday, March 8, 2008

Beach Days

We tried to spend as much time at the beach as we could, which was surprisingly not that much. We were running around so much sightseeing that we didn't get too many relaxing on the sand days. But when we did the kids really enjoyed it. It felt as if you were closer to the sun, so even though it wasn't that hot, you could feel the sun burning your skin as soon as it touched it. We could well lubricated with sunblock!Emma loved the water. I really loved that there wasn't any tide here, so we didn't have to worry about big waves sweeping her out. We still stayed close since her legs are still relatively new to the whole walking thing. She did fall in a couple of times, but that did not deter her from walking right back in.
I thought I had a better picture of her legs coated with the sand, but this is the best we did apparently. Like I said in another posting the sand here is like breadcrumbs. So she would get wet and then roll around in the sand which coated her legs with the stuff and I thought they looked like little breaded chicken legs.
It took a lot of convincing Miss Miriam to even set foot in the water. She would much rather be sunbathing and burying herself in the sand. It was nice spending time with her because I could strategically lay out and make sand sculptures to!
Here are the girls loving the sand together. Emma was ferocious with that shovel. She kept slinging the sand onto Miriam. Miriam was a good sport about it until it started to land on her head.
"This place is awesome!"
Tobie with the skim board. He could have stayed out there for hours on end. Every day he was telling us how much he loves Hawaii and never wants to leave. Well maybe one day we can get stationed there, but who knows!?!

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