Friday, March 21, 2008

The Braves

Tobie started his Tee Ball games this past weekend. They had opening day and then he got to play his first game. It is all very exciting! Theo is one of the coaches and actually got to pick the name of the team. He chose the Atlanta Braves. I was surprised by this because that was my Pawpaw's favorite team, but then Theo reminded me that he IS from Georgia. Duh Kara! But I thought it was an awesome coincidence and I love the name!

Having their first huddle of the day. Tobie is concentrating extremely hard. The sun was right behind me so I couldn't get him to look at me when I took the picture.
Walking onto the field for the opening ceremony. All the Tee Ball and Soft Ball teams gather before their games as a little kick off show before the season. Theo is on the other side of the guy in the brown jacket. Incidentally the guy in the brown jacket is also Coast Guard and he flies helicopters. He arranged for a CG helicopter to fly right over head of the crowd.
The team is looking really good!

Here comes that helicopter I was mentioning.
They got really close. Miriam was a little unsure if she liked it because she hates loud noises. She doesn't even like going into a public bathroom because the toilets are too loud when you flush them. She has some interesting quirks!
This is the warm up before the game. Tobie is straight ahead getting ready to throw. He's #6, that was Theo's number when he played ball. As you can tell his pants are already all dirty before the game even got started. That is a result of rolling down a very steep hill right behind our house after the opening ceremony.
I love his stance! His knee position is priceless!
Coach Theo. Lookin' good Coach!!!
There is Tobie running to first while Coach Theo does double duty with a wandering child.
Being steered in the right direction after a fellow player just hit.

Tobie resting. He is conserving his energy.
Throwing the ball in. I am his mother so I am biased, but he has a really good throwing arm and good aim also. They didn't keep score for the game, but that didn't stop me from congratulating him on kicking the other teams booty! I'm not competitive at all!


Meredith said...

I can't believe he is old enough to play tee ball. Where is the baby I used to carry around church??? So cute!

Hannah is the LOUDEST kid in the world, but she hates loud noises, especially public restroom toilets! crazy, eh?

Aleisha said...

Thats so cool. I agree, where is that little boy we all use to fight Rylan is the same way too. Even before he was born, we went to an air show on JAX beach and he didnt stop moving for two days. He has really sensitive ears. We still cant go to movies because of it. What a the cute t-ball player and great coach. Something they will remember forever. Great father/family time. =o)

Cyrus and Annie said...

One of my favorite parts of T-Ball or any other little kid sport is when the kids take a rest...sitting, laying, whatever, kids know when their legs are tired!!!

Lainie said...

That is so fun! I remember playing T-ball. And its so fun that Theo can coach. Cute pix - thanks for sharing!!!! Oh, and you'll have to ask Annie about Katie's fear of big trucks. I think she's over it now, but it was funny about a year ago!

Jason and Charlotte said...

Hey girl, we are new to this blogging's so cool!!! I love being able to catch up with old friends. I can't believe how your family has grown, ya'll are too cute! I'll have to put you on my friends list so I can keep up with the Ikners now!!! So Fun!

Anonymous said...

Looking good! It's making me wish I put Coby in Tee ball!