Saturday, March 8, 2008

Plane Ride to Hawaii

We decided to take a Space A flight over to Hawaii since it was free and all. Let me tell you it was some experience! First they canceled the flight on Thursday, the day we were planning to go, but we caught a flight on Friday. So it was too disappointing, and we were able to move our hotel reservations back a day. The plane itself was a cargo plane. We weren't allowed to take too many pictures inside since there was cargo, I think because of the serial numbers and security purposes. The seats were lined up on either side of the plane and they were just fold down chairs. We were able to take on the car seats which was a life saver. There weren't any windows except the ones in the door. The people working there were really nice. Tobie got to go in the cockpit and even got to steer the plane a little. It was a 6 hour flight that the girls got a little sleep on. It was so loud in there that I couldn't hear Theo talking and he is the one taking the picture.


Meredith said...

How cool that you guys were able to get over to Hawaii. And NICE that you can fly for free. That's awesome! I have heard that those flights are really loud. I enjoyed seeing your photos as it is probably the closest we'll ever get to Hawaii! :)

malinda said...

what is a space a flight & how do you get one? is it a military thing?