Friday, August 24, 2007

Our First Family Camping Trip

Last weekend we had our first family camping trip. A guy in our ward found this camp site off the Russian River and reserved a bunch of spots and made it a Ward thing. There were 9 families and a lot of kids! We went up on Saturday morning and came back Monday morning. It was so much fun! Theo was so excited that he got the opportunity to buy a big tent. It's amazing how many offers we got from people saying we could use their tent. It was very nice, but Theo was set on getting one for the family. This was a nice roomy 8 person tent. We could fit a queen size mattress, a twin mattress and the pack-n-play. What was cool about this tent is that it had a doggie room on the back. Friday went in there once and we thought she ran out, so we were calling her and she was in the tent in her little room the whole time! I don't know what's up with Tobie's face in this picture.
Emma was relaxing in the best seat there, her pack-n-play.
Friday had a blast. Although she did have to be kept on a leash the whole time, I think she was just excited to be included.
Chef Theo! He really stepped up to the plate and kept the family's belly's full. I tried to offer help, but he insisted that he could handle it, so who am I to argue with that. This is the after the first night and Theo is preparing pancakes, Yummy!!
Miss Miriam on her bike that she insisted on bringing at the last minute. We had the car completely stuffed with camping gear and she started to fuss for her bike. Daddy, being the softee that he is, shoved the bike on top of the food and made it work.
This is the first night, everyone gathered around our camp to roast marshmallows because we had the best fire going.
Some of our fellow campers.
I don't have a lot of pictures of the actual campsite because we were basically sitting in the front yard of an RV park where people lived. It was right off a busy road and we only had a small patch of grass for all of us families to set up on. It was a unique experience to say the least, but the best moments were at night when we all sat around the fire making s'mores and just enjoying each others company. It really made the surrounding area disappear and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will definitely go camping again, and even if the scenery is better you can't beat the company of friends to enjoy it with.


Cyrus and Annie said...

I love camping!!! It is so fun to sleep outside and just have fun. You guys have a really fun ward!

Lainie said...

Looks like you had a good time. I haven't been brave enough to take all my clan camping. Its so much work!!!