Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Little Kindergartener

My handsome Kindergartner!
Waiting patiently for the teacher, Mrs. Fellows, to bring them in.

Today was Tobie's first day of Kindergarten! I was really afraid that I was going to lose it, but when I got there I couldn't stop smiling. Tobie was so excited to be in Kindergarten, it really made it easy for me to stay dry-eyed. In my anxious attitude I got there before the other kids in his class, so Tobie got to be in the front of the line. Way to make a good impression, huh! =) When the teacher came out he waved and said bye a few times and then she took them all in. No backward glances at Mom, my little man walked confidently behind the teacher ready to start his day. This eager young man is ready to take on the world!


Cyrus and Annie said...

I love Kindergarten. I want to be in Kindergarten.

Kara and Theo said...

It certainly was the simple life.

Lainie said...

What a big boy!!! Kindergarten is a great year!