Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Couch Treasure

It's amazing all the things you find under your couch! Little Miss Emma got herself into a pickle by sliding backwards ending up under the couch in our play room. She still hasn't mastered the forward crawl and tends to look like Superman in her enthusiastic attempts. I can't say that I am pushing her to master that skill either. Whenever people comment on how mellow my babies are my response is one of experience from my other two "mellow" babies, "They are just charging up their batteries." Once they hit that mobile stage it's all over for me and my sweet mellow baby. They turn into world explorers, from the deep sea of toilet bowl water, to the desert sands of the litter box. So I will take my mellow-Superman imitating-backward scooting baby for as long as she will stay that way, which I know won't be for that long at all.


Cyrus and Annie said...

I always say, "Beware of the easy baby." There is no such thing. My kids are all sweet and easy then, BOOM they get moving and never stop. Very wise mama indeed!

thebohans said...

Hi Kara, this is Malinda from San Rafael II ward (and YMCA & BUNCO!) Are you guys still in Novato? We are moving into that ward in like 2 weeks! I wasn;t sure if you were still here I saw a bunch of postings about down south so I didn;t know if you moved. I should be at bunco in Sept. We'll chat!

Kara and Theo said...

Hey there! So good to hear from you! That is so awesome that you are moving into my ward. How exciting! And congratulations another baby on the way! I think it is so great to have a girl after a boy, because they tend to take on that protector role. I guess I will be seeing you soon! =)