Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In the past few weeks there has been a frenzy of baking! And I am loving it! Mostly because most of these things I gave away, or sold so that I didn't have to be tempted at eating them myself. Although I still do get my little sneak taste check for poison of course!=)

This was a birthday cake for a little girl turning 7. She really wanted THIS monkey theme, so I just copied the pattern with fondant and then free handed the monkey face on top. Inside is 3 layers of my cookies and creme filling.

These cupcakes were for my sisters best friend from High School. She is having twin boys and already had the names picked out. These are chocolate cupcakes which I used the cookies and creme filling to squeeze into the middle of. They have vanilla buttercream on top with a fondant disc on each with the boys' initials.

This was for a Bunco party with a breakfast themed dinner. I thought what better than to have a breakfast cupcake! These are my Maple buttercream and bacon cupcakes. That's right! There is bacon baked into the cupcake! If you do like me and smother your pancakes and bacon with syrup then this is the perfect cupcake for you!

Yesterday to celebrate Valentine's Day I made these mini heart cheesecakes. They weren't difficult thanks to THESE spring form pans. Then I topped them with a dollop of homemade whipped cream and fancy chocolate covered strawberries from THIS place, so good! I thought it needed some more color, so I sprinkled Valentine themed M&M's around the platter. So pretty!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! And from my hometown I want to wish everyone a very happy Mardi Gras!!!

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Annie said...

Amazing! You remind me of the lady that went on the show "Shark Tank" to get an investment in her cake company call Daisy Cakes. Yours look even better and I'm sure they taste so good. Ever consider making it a business?