Monday, March 26, 2012

Disney 2012 Post - FINALLY!

Back in January, did she just say January???  Yes, I know this post is WAY over due...anyway, Back in January Theo and I had our Disney race.  I did the Half Marathon and he did the Half with me and then the Full Marathon the next day, his double race is befittingly called the Goofy Challenge. HA!  But we did it!!  I met my PR goal of running it in 2:30!  And Theo made it to his goal to run both races without dropping dead. 
Here we are with our medals the day after Theo's second race.  There was no way we were going anywhere after his marathon, but he did wonderfully the whole trip, as did I if I don't mind tooting my own horn.

Since it was the beginning of January they still had everything decorated from Christmas.  I was so excited to see the decorations, because by the end of the week when we came back to the Magical Kingdom they had already taken everything down.

They had some awesome shows all throughout the place.

Getting ready for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

I love the river safari ride, and this picture of the hippos is dedicated to my friend, Jennifer.  Enjoy!!

Happy elephants!

Looking down on Tobie as we explored the Swiss Family Robinson tree.


Second park, Disney Hollywood Studios

LOVED this ride!!  I think I got to go on it at least 3 times!  So fun! I couldn't stop laughing as the elevator would bounce up and down!  Tobie loved it to, but the girls were happy with just one time around.

If you want a facelift, don't bother going to a surgeon, just ride this ride.  Holy Smokes!!  My eyes were running and I think my mouth reached my earlobes!  But very fun, although once was enough for me.

Meeting the Incredibles

Tobie with his serious star fighter expression.  I think he's ready to join Star Command!

Emma just might be an asset to Star Command also, she ain't scared!

Miriam though, not so much...

Hannah, sweet, but deadly!

Theo, epic fail in the intimidation department...LOL!

Although I can't say much about me either, I'm just too happy to be here!  I have to note that as we were taking these shots there wasn't a person around, but as we would switch out and go to the next person a crowd gathered.  And every time I would take one kid down someone from the crowd would try to get on, and I would have to tell them, "Hold on, just a few more!" so by the time I got my turn there are some pretty unhappy people standing by impatiently waiting their turn. HA!  We should have gotten Grandma up there just to really piss them off!

We love the Muppets!!

The Indian Jones show was super awesome!

Plenty of fire and explosives!

And action scenes...
And more fire and explosives!!!


Third park, Animal Kingdom

This was the only rainy day, and it wasn't too bad.  It was just enough to clear out all those wussies that couldn't manage the rain.  But see those ponchos we are all wearing, $10 a pop!!!  Can we say Holy Expensive Batman!!!  Thanks to Grandma for getting them all for us because I was totally prepared for my kids to rough it!

Mt. Everest!  What an awesome ride!!  Since it cleared out from the rain we got to ride it 3 times in a row without having to wait in any line! 
Pluto and Goofy, and I'm talking about the characters, not me and Theo. ;)

Another cool ride, although I can't remember the name of it.  I think it's just Dinosaur.  But you get to go back in time to get some kind of dinosaur so the scientists can study it, but it's right before the meteors come down and destroy the earth so we are dodging meteors and dinosaurs that want to eat us the whole way through.  I wasn't expecting it to be all that great since small kids can go on, but I have to admit it was pretty intense!

This is the photo that they snap of you at the end of the ride, this humungous T-Rex pokes his head out from some branches and it seems like he is just going to drop right on you, he gets that close!  I love the expressions on the kids faces! Even Theo and I were taken off guard!

This is the second time around, I stayed with Grandma, Hannah and Charlotte, I just had to post this one because Tobie, even though he knows what's coming, still has to bury his head in his hands!  LOL!

Charlotte enjoying the Merry-Go-Round

Aurora, aka...Sleeping Beauty



And last but not least, Mickey and Minnie!

I would have to say that this has to be one of the most successful Disney trips we have had yet.  And I know that most of it was in part to Grandma being with us!  With 5 kids to contend with having that extra adult was such a wonderful help!!  Thank you Grandma for coming!!


Jessica Reid said...

Great job on your race! I can't believe you took 5 kids to Disney! The crowds are enough to scare me away and I'd be worried I'd lose one in transit. Plus, I'm not sure I'd have a good enough attitude to do it. Awesome!

Annie said...

Great job on the races! I have marathon training on the brain right now. Big race day for me is coming up.

As for your Disneyland trip with five give me the courage to try it with four, not any time soon mind you but I might just be ready to do it in a few years. :)