Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Spirit

We absolutely LOVE Halloween here, maybe because that's also Theo's birthday?? ;) I've always loved Halloween, to marry a guy whose birthday is actually on the holiday is mere coincidence....or is it?

Our favorite part is decorating,'s the candy, BUT second is the decorating. I'm not crafty on my own, I need friends to help me and hold my hand through all these papery projects. If it doesn't involve icing or cake, I'm screwed. So a friend of mine set up a crafting night where she had everything laid out for us and all the letters cut out and ready to stick. My kind of crafting! It was super easy and super cheap, BONUS! This would easily be $30 at Hobby Lobby or Michael's, but because I had a friend hook me up and then I did the assembly it was only $8!!! You can't get any better than that my friends.

Looks pretty awesome on my mantel! I get happy goosebumps all over just looking at it!


Mills Family said...

We need to have another craft night soon! That was so much fun!

Anna said...

I love it-super cute! You did a great job :)