Monday, October 3, 2011

A Five Year Old Bean

Don't let that innocent face fool you....

This is the face she is usually giving. I'm waiting for her face to freeze this way one day.

That pouty-faced vixen turned 5 years old today. Her whole purpose on this earth is to teach me patience. I know this because every single day, in every single situation she tries it.

But I love her so much! Her spunk is through the roof!

This little girl is the perfect balance between girly and tomboy. She'll beat the crap out of you wearing a dress, high heels and holding a purse. She'll play tea party with the girls, but karate with the boys. She's sporty, but not competitive. She's independent, but loves to cuddle. She won't take crap from anybody, she knows how to stand up for herself, and she will!

That's my Emma Bean.

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Mills Family said...

Happy birthday Emma!