Thursday, October 13, 2011

Choffy- Becoming a Distributor

I've come along a lot of opportunities where I am put in the position to sell products. Each gimmick with the grandiose idea of making lots of money and even going as far as supporting my family. All I have to do is pay a hefty starters fee and then put myself out there booking parties and really pushing the product on people.

What have I learned about myself in all these endeavors? I could not sell money....

I am a horrible sells rep! I absolutely HATE putting myself out there, and I'm even worse at taking rejection. No matter how nicely friends or family would decline I would completely blame myself and thought I was a failure.

So what makes becoming a Choffy distributor different? I don't have to push the product onto anyone! Yay Me!! Of course I am blogging about it, but I don't feel the pressure to sell, and you, reader aren't feeling pressured to buy. Win-Win!!

What else I really love about Choffy is that with all the other products there is always a cheaper version. You can buy cheaper kitchenware, make-up, health supplements, toys, etc. But Choffy is one of a kind. You're not going to find it at your local supermarket. No other company roasts Cocoa beans. And did I mention that it's roasted Cocoa beans! Genius!

The health benefits alone are absolutely wonderful. It's got antioxidants, and a stimulant Theobromine which helps give you a boost of energy without the crash that caffeine gives you. If you are looking to get off of coffee or other caffeinated beverages then this is the WAY better solution!

Choffy was on the Dr. Oz show a few weeks ago, and that's how I first heard of it. It looked awesome, but I just forgot about it until my friend posted her link on Facebook. I asked her about it and come to find out a friend I had in Colorado married the brother of the guy who came up with Choffy. Small world!

So if you're interested in reading more about it, or even trying it out for yourself HERE is the link!


Alyssa said...

I want some!! Nigel and i have know how good the cocao bean is for a long time. Call me!

The Choffy King said...

So are you a distributor? If you are, you need to redo your link of the side of your page so it goes directly to your replicated site instead of the Choffy corporate site. That way your friends and family who click on your link will go to your page and you will get credit from the sale.

Just a friendly note from a Choffy distributor. :)