Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nature Walk

Where I grew up in Alabama I had the ultimate playground. The woods behind my house were adventure filled fun! My siblings and I, along with other neighbor kids would loose ourselves daily within the trails that wove in and out of these woods. My family would take adventure walks, and there was even a creek that on hot summer days we would go and swim.

Now being so close to home I can share this joy with my kids. There is a bit of a change, a busy road that was just paved right behind my parents house cutting off our easy access. But with the weather warming up and my swollen pregnant belly gone I couldn't resist the urge to take to the trail again.
"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader. We're following the leader wherever she may go!" These kids were real troopers. We walked for about an hour and they did wonderful with keeping up and exploring.
One of the cool deep gullies in the woods. Miriam, Emma and their cousin Gavin dared the slippery slope. They did a great job and made it to the bottom without any slip ups.

The trails were all the same, I knew exactly which way was where. It really was like riding a bike. Speaking of, I used to do that to around these trails!

It definitely didn't satiate my outdoorsy appetite. I would love to go again, and maybe even look for that creek. Hopefully we'll get another adventure day soon!

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Jessica Reid said...

When we lived in Louisiana growing up we did the same thing. I miss just going out and playing in the woods out back.