Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miriam and Boys

When this little beauty started Kindergarten I just knew she wasn't going to have any trouble academically. Some people say they can't believe how fast their kids grow and start school. Not with Miriam, she has been school ready 2 years before Kindergarten. When it finally came time for her to start it was such a feeling of relief and not just by me, but by her.

What I wasn't ready for was the little boy crushes. Oh, not from her, but apparently this little girl is quite popular with the boys. She has them buying her ice cream on Fridays, and others giving her their juice boxes at snack time. Then there was this one little guy who dared to make her HIS girlfriend! She came home and told me all about it, very matter-of-factly, not in a boy crazy giddy way. Thank goodness! I informed her that she can't have a boyfriend until she turns 16. My little Miss Rule Keeper took this news in stride. If it's a rule, she will abide. She lives for rules and structure. That's just how she thinks. (For now anyway, right!?)

So the next day when I picked her up from school I asked her if she broke it off with what's-his-name. She confidently answers:

"Yep, I told him he wasn't old enough for me yet."

Oh, geez! Well, at least she got half of the concept right.

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