Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Home Evening and Reenactments

Apparently all my children are playing Nephi and the other two missionaries, Elder Morrison and Elder Metcalf are his brothers, Laman and Lemuel. In the first picture Elder Krieser is telling them that they have to go back to Jerusalem to get the plates of brass from the wicked King Laban.

When they get to Jerusalem the brothers decide on Laman going to King Laban to ask for the plates. Elder Tolley is King Laban, and I'm pretty sure the pillow on his head as his crown was his idea.
Of course King Laban says "No Way!" when Laman asks for the brass plates and sends his guards after him. That's a sweet picture with Elder Morrison jumping clear over that chair to escape Theo, the King's guard.
When Laman told his brothers about how King Laban turned him down they figured they had a lot of riches at their house and maybe they can bribe him with them. Here they are showing King Laban their precious things in hopes that he will give them the brass plates.
He says, you guess it, "No Way!" and sends his guards after them all and tells them to kill them all AND take their precious things.
The guards chase them out of the city, but are unsuccessful in killing them. Phew!
The Lord tells Nephi to try one more time and He would deliver King Laban into his hands. So obediently he returns to the city to find King Laban passed out drunk in the street. The Lord tells Nephi to slay him, Nephi is hesitant at first but then the Lord SAYS, "It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in disbelief." for the plates of brass was scripture that they needed to take with them on a long journey. So Nephi slays the wicked King Laban, with some mad pillow fighting skills, gets the plates and returns to his family in the wilderness.



Cicily said...

haha, I love your sense of humor (the poop inside the cake) and that FHE is awesome! I love the wings on Emma(?, is she really that big?) Miss ya girl!

kara said...

I miss that couch.